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Where to Buy

Look below for a list of companies selling Lightman® Products grouped by the customers they serve, from industries like railroad and mining to retail consumers.


Visibility Systems Company has historically established and maintained long term relationships with Lightman® distributors based on communication, attention to detail, and response to user concerns, helping to create the most value to the end-user.


To learn more about Lightman or purchase Lightman products, please contact a Lightman distributor.Please scroll down this page and select from a list of distributors serving a range of end-user needs.


Wholesale and agency purchase inquiries should be directed to one of the distributors listed below.

Lightman distributors by industry-occupation:



Railhead Corporation

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois                                           


Emergency-Public Safety

First Priority Life Safety

Headquartered in Manchester, CT                                    


Government Sales/Retail Sales

Elmwood Industries


Construction/Government Sales/Public Safety/Retail



Para Gear




Most requests for Lightman can be fulfilled by a Lightman distributor.


Please rely on the Lightman distributor listed for your application. You will find a link to the appropriate distributor's website on the related industry-occupation Applications page on this website.


If you are unable to find a Lightman distributor to serve you or to satisfy a request, please contact Visibility Systems.


We invite dealer & distributor inquiries.


It is also possible to set up a non-stocking dealer or drop ship account through Outskirts Outdoors. To find out more click here.


Please contact us by using the Feedback/Contact Form, by email at, by phone at +1 (203) 367-4000, or fax at +1 (203) 333-5577.


Photos for print:
If you need photos or copy to include in your catalog or website, let us know. We can provide them to you quickly.

Customizing Lightman
Remote switch models are available in both strobes and LEDs
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