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National Stock Numbers

The United States Department of Defense uses National Stock Numbers (NSN) to identify supply materials. The numbering system is used by NATO treaty countries, where they are called NATO Stock Numbers.


Listed below are Lightman® products with NSNs and the corresponding NSN. Select and click a number to link to Defense Supply Center Philadelphia EMALL page. You will then be asked to okay a consent form, log in, and enter the NSN in the Start a Search Box, or you may be asked to fill in the Set Active Properties Box.

National Stock Numbers
  • 6230-01-513-2533
    Portable Landing Zone Kit


  • 6230-01-513-1920
    Xenon Strobe Kit, Red


  • 6230-01-513-1924
    Xenon Strobe Kit, Amber


  • 6230-01-513-1925
    Xenon Strobe Kit, Green


  • 6230-01-513-1930
    LED Kit, Red


  • 6230-01-513-1933
    LED Kit, Amber


  • 6230-01-513-1934
    LED Kit, White


  • 6230-01-513-2551
    Traffic Cone Illuminator, Amber


  • 6230-01-514-0920
    Xenon Strobe Kit, Blue


  • 6230-01-514-0921
    Xenon Strobe Kit, White

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