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Lightman Power Sources

Guide for choosing the right battery for your Lightman®

AA batteries are the most widely available and affordable battery in the world. All Lightman battery-powered models use AA batteries.

Using rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) AA batteries can cut your monthly battery costs to almost zero. They are ideal for everyday industrial and public safety use. In LEDs, NiMH battery service life ranges from 16 to 40 hours in flashing mode, depending on LED color. NiMH batteries can be recharged from 200 to over 800 times.

Alkaline AA batteries are ideal for occasional or moderate use, have a shelf life of 7 years, and, in LEDs, a battery service life of 20 to 50 hours in flashing mode, depending on LED color.

Energizer®’s outstanding lithium AA batteries have a 15 year shelf life, provide 30% or longer service life compared to alkalines, and store and work well in both very hot and very cold environments, making lithium batteries ideal for emergency needs and for storage and use in extreme temperatures.

In some cases, Lightman kits include AA alkaline batteries. The batteries are not installed prior to shipping. Storing Lightman with batteries installed is not recommended. Over time, batteries may leak, and the leakage can damage or destroy the Lightman unit.

Match Battery to Application
Nickel metal hydride for:
  • Industrial applications
  • Everyday use
Alkaline for:
  • Occasional use
Lithium for:
  • Temperature extremes
  • Long shelf life
  • Emergency use
External Power Source

In applications where an external power source is preferred, wired Lightman 12 volt and 3 volt Lightman xenon strobe models are available. Also, other voltages can be made available to meet your specific needs.

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