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Lightman Accessories

Unparalleled range of applications for nearly every requirement from rail... to personal. Lightman® accessories can all be used with xenon strobe and LED models.

4 Color Retro-Reflective Lens Set

Allows for color interchange for Lightman® xenon strobes.

Suction Cup

Almost any smooth surface can become a platform for Lightman®. This versatile accessory is included in the Xenon Strobe and LED Safety Kits.

All-Purpose Eyelet

Doubles as a tool for removing Lightman® lenses and an attachment for hanging Lightman on whatever is handy, such as a strap or a hook. A versatile accessory included in Lightman Xenon Strobe and LEDSafety Kits.

Heavy Duty Magnet

Designed for applications requiring very secure, but detachable mounting of Lightman® for the railroad, mining, construction, agricultural, and trucking industries. Has 25 lbs of pull. 2" diameter.

Gooseneck-Elevation Tool

Designed to elevate and direct the position of Lightman® where the site or application require more positioning control. Attaches Lightman to other accessories such as a WeightWasher™ or Heavy Duty Magnet. Included in the Highway Safety Kit, and can be a useful accessory for all Lightman kits.

Pole Transport Attachment

Designed to quickly secure Lightman® to the end of a pole for safe transport. It's hard for drivers following a pole transporter to judge the distance to the pole. Lightman helps focus attention on the back of the load.

Belt Clip

The Belt Clip's stud threads securely into the base of Lightman® xenon strobesand LEDs. It combines with the Lightman Nylon Snap-on Safety Belt, and attaches easily to a sun visor or the back of a wheelchair, and of course a belt! This versatile attachment is included in several Lightman kits.

Anywhere Bolt™

Features a bolt that is slotted to fit a releasable plastic tie. This versatile accessory attaches Lightman® to anything that a tie can loop through or wrap around. Comes in several Lightman kits and is sold separately.



Secures Lightman® quickly to most metal surfaces and can be easily removed. Included in Lightman Xenon Strobe and LED Safety Kits.


Storage Pouch

The leatherette drawstring Storage Pouch is a component of several Lightman® kits. 

Ideal for customizing. Screen on a name or a logo.

Traffic Cone Illuminator Kit

Instantly transform standard traffic cones into flashing cones. Fits nearly all standard cones. Optimizes nighttime traffic cone safety. Available in 6 or 9 inch diameter to fit standard cone.

Operates 50 to 80+ hours in flashing mode with AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Flashing or steady-on modes.


Nylon Snap-on Safety Belt

A rugged nylon belt with quick-snap buckle. The width is standard for police duty belts. One or more Lightman units attach quickly.Unparalleled visibility in traffic. The quick mounting Stainless Steel Belt Clip fits the belt.

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