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ABOUT Visibility Systems Company 

What defines Visibility Systems Company is a commitment to useful, well-designed and affordable safety products.


Behind this lies a network of relationships among scientists, engineers, industrial designers, suppliers, managers, staff, sales and marketing professionals, distributors and customers. Many of these relationships extend back to 1993, when Visibility Systems Company was formed.

Maintaining long-term relationships requires a commitment to promptly identify and resolve the problems that inevitably develop under conditions of rapid technical and economic changes. This in turn helps us develop better products and sales.


We are proud of our products, their many uses, the lives they have protected and in some cases saved. We are delighted by the recognition we have received from firefighters and rail crews, police officers and landing-zone teams. We are proud that Visibility Systems Company has been able to maintain and develop the relationships that define it and its products. We invite you to join this network, as a supplier, distributor or customer.

Visibility Systems Company

118 Forest Avenue, Suite 203

Hudson, MA 01749


To ensure accuracy, quick and efficient service we ask for all sales, inquiries and quotations

to be emailed to:

978-562-9050 phone

978-562-9055 fax

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