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When you need portable lighting for safety or visibility, Lightman® safety products from Visibility Systems Company are just what you’re looking for. Affordable brilliant xenon strobes, wide-angled LEDs, and application specific accessories can meet your needs exactly.

The total package makes Lightman different:

The brightness

The visibility of its xenon strobe and super LED models

The compact 3D pyramid design

The adaptable form

The versatile accessories

...adding up to a great value.

What’s more, Lightman is also a world leader in portable landing zone site kits. Lightman has diverse applications and is used in industries such as railroad, public safety, traffic safety, mining, and more...

Lightman Xenon Strobe
Lightman Xenon Strobe

Lightman Xenon Strobes. Brilliant bursts of pure white light. Also in amber, red, blue and green.



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Lightman Portable Landing Zone Site
Lightman Portable Landing Zone Site
The Portable Lightman Landing Zone Site-Scene Safety Kit is top selling in the U.S.A.
Lightman LEDs
Lightman LEDs
Very bright and efficient Lightman LEDs.

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